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The emperor of all belly whackers
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klainer(s) klissing on the blench

klaine + flirting


For the lovely Miss Daxie, who requested a little Klaine in the rain :)


Going to the chapel and we’re…

“Are you ready for this?”

Kurt twirls around at the sound of Blaine’s voice, his startled expression turning into a smile where he’s standing in his shirt, his bowtie hanging undone around his neck.

“Hello to you too, future Mr. Anderson-Hummel,” Kurt says and turns back to the mirror, lifting his gaze to catch Blaine’s eye as he walks up behind him. “You’re looking as handsome as ever. And you know, I keep thinking about how we’re not supposed to see each other, but I don’t understand how other people getting married do it. If you weren’t around I would probably be freaking out completely.”

“Well…” Blaine lets out a breathless chuckle as Kurt keeps looking into the mirror and pulls at the ends of his white bowtie, smoothing his fingers carefully over it, adjusting it to perfection. “I’m still freaking out a bit.”

Kurt twirls around, staring at him with wide eyes. “You’re not getting cold feet are you? Oh my god, is that why you came in here? Because you want to call off the whole thi—”

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This is the most intimate and sexiest thing ever

Out Of My Head


Quick 4x14 reaction fic.

He blames Blaine. He started it. Their conversations had been mostly neutral if just a little tentative after the holidays, then working up to a friendly light banter.

Until Kurt gets a call while he’s walking home one day, coat pulled up high around his neck to stave off the sharp bite of the air. 

“Tina’s being weird.” Blaine. With absolutely no lead in whatsoever. 

“Going through a ska phase weird or sacrificing goats weird?” 

Blaine chuckles, and Kurt can hear rustling in the background, can picture him settling back against his pillows; shoes kicked off and down to his undershirt the way he always is after school, shedding layers and pretense all at once.

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