I'm obsessed with
Chris Colfer, Dianna Agron and Darren Criss. So you will find a lot of them on my blog.
I dig other stuff too.
P.S Glee is a piece of shit and I'm out, but I will forever love my 3

The emperor of all belly whackers
The Ygritte to my Jon

sensitive chest raisins


only 90s kids can reblog this

Aaaaaand hello @taylorswift13

Darren Criss onstage at the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival 

Darren Criss for HERO Magazine [Better quality from scans]

@MiaVonGlitz: But in reality, he’s the coolest one. #buzzfeedshmuzzfeed

MTVPress: Glee hottie @DarrenCriss meets @OITNB star @UzoAduba #vmas